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IMAGE: aug24-iphone-jailbreak-airtel.jpg

24 AUG 2008

Airtel Claims - Even Most Deadly Hackers Can’t Crack Its iPhone 3g

other networks then beware. Techies at Airtel are claiming that even the most deadly hackers on the planet won’t be able to crack the codes that support the iPhone’s Airtel applications with rival company SIMs.

And, even if a hacker manages to make voice calls from an Airtel iPhone using the SIM of a rival GSM operator, he would be denied access to both exclusive icons – ‘Airtel Live’ and ‘Airtel Apps’– which are gateways to the full spectrum of Airtel applications built into the iconic gizmo.

Airtel this is just plain old news, every one knows that if they jailbreak their iPhone, it eventually looses features given by the provider. And on the prices you are selling it, you won’t find many customers to worry about anyhow.


IMAGE: aug24-dynolicious-iphone-app.jpg

24 AUG 2008

Measure Your Car Performance Using iPhone3g

For all those who want to keep a tab on the performance of their lovable cars and you own a iphone/ipod touch, here is a app which let you do exactly that. The app is called Dynolicious and utilizes the accelerometer built in to your iPhone or iPod Touch to sense the motion of your vehicle. And on top if that data is sampled as many as 100 times per/sec, developing a detailed picture of the car’s acceleration. The app uses this information to determine the speed of the vehicle and the distance travelled.

IMAGE: aug24-car-iphone-app.png


IMAGE: aug23-iphone-airtel.jpg

23 AUG 2008

Airtel Declares Dataplans For iPhone3g - Confuses All

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Following the footsteps of Vodafone, Airtel was quick to put up the Data plans for iPhone on their website. Plans are same for new as well as existing customers of iPhone. However there is confusion, at first they say that you will get 500MB/Month download free, then in the Term and Conditions they say only Free 50MB/Month Download, leaving all confused


IMAGE: aug22-iphone-india-launch.jpg

22 AUG 2008

iPhone launched in India - College Girl First Owner

Rejoice all iPhone fans , finally iPhone launched in India. And the first Indian owner of iPhone is a college student, Swati who was standing from 7pm in Sahara mall .So she got her due right even her phone was handed over to her by the president of Bharti Mobile Services, Sanjay Kapoor.


IMAGE: aug22-iphone-3g-star.jpg

22 AUG 2008

Become A Star On Iphone3G India

Bought a iPhone, now get a chance to be featured in iPhone3g India website. Send us your pics, videos, reviews, first hand experiences with your name, a personal photo to and get featured here for sure.


IMAGE: aug22-airtel-iphone-unlock.gif

22 AUG 2008

Airtel Unlocks Your iPhone For Free - Just Wait 12 Months

This is some great news for all of us who want to use iPhone on their personal network like Spice, Idea. So, Airtel declared that the locking period is just for 1year, after which you can unlock the iPhone and use it on any network of your choice. This is what written on Airtel India Website Terms and Conditions

This phone can only be used with an Airtel connection. Customers can enjoy free 500 MB of data download / month for 12 months. The charges beyond this usage will be Re 0.30/50 Kb. After the expiry of 12 months, customer can opt for a plan of his choice from the different plans available on offer. This offer is not valid if used on any other phone. To activate this GPRS offer, please request the Helpdesk at any Airtel outlet. Upon activation of this offer, customer will give up the tariffs and benefits available on the existing plan. After the expiry of the offer period of 12 months, customer may get this phone unlocked free of cost which will allow use of SIM from any other service provider. In case customer unlocks the phone before the expiry of 12 months, all warranties / benefits are null and void. For more details, call 121 from your mobile or log in to

I will say that just wait and watch what happens next


22 AUG  2008

Win 2 iPhone’s - Take Part in contest

Those of who missed out of owning iPhone3G due to some absurd prices, here is chance for you to win one for yourself.

IMAGE: aug22-win-iphone3g-india.jpg

NDTV the premium news channel is organising a contest, in which they are giving out 2 iPhones, one each from Airtel & Vodafone. And what you have to do, its simple, just submit your ONE dream feature which you want in iPhone, currently not present in iPhone3g. Easy right, yes now run your mind horses and come up with a innovative feature idea and win yourself a shiny new iPhone3G.

Come up with ONE dream feature for the next generation of the iPhone. There are two iPhones to be won, one each from Airtel and Vodafone…winners will be announced on, on Gadget Guru, Cell Guru and NewsNet 2.0 in the coming weeks.


22 AUG  2008

iPhone GUI Photoshopped

The guys at tehaanlex came upwith a very detailed psd containing all the gui elements of iPhone in a very high quality psd file which is available at their site for download.

So, budding iPhone app designers, grab the psd and start designing


22 AUG  2008

Airtel Gives 500MB Download Free For 12 Months on iPhone

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Some relief for users who bought iPhone3G by their hard earned money.  In recent developments Airtel Announced  : Customers can enjoy free 500 MB of data download / month for 12 months. The charges beyond this usage will be Re 0.30/50 Kb.

So, there you go people, try to make most out of your prized possession. Download some cool apps, its a irony that still there is no 3G facility available here in India. So you have to resort to our very old GPRS. Activate GPRS on your iPhone by calling the Airtel customer care.


13 AUG 2008

iPhone Hack Video

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I found this video of A (Really Zombie like and Scary) guy hacking into iphone seamlessly. What he does is he installs a malicious application into a iphone which records the phone call conservations and send them back to him without even knowledge of the owner of the phone. Pretty Scary right, Hell yeah, by the way I always wanted something like this so that something creative can be done with this ;-) . You know what I am talking about. Ahemmm enough fooling around here is the video :



IMAGES: aug21-yahoo-iphone-one-search.bmp

21 AUG  2008

Yahoo Launches Support for iPhone

Awesome news, Yahoo launched support for iPhone. So now in India, users will be able to use yahoo products oneSearch™, Mail, Finance and Weather from your very own iPhone. This is just great going through mails in yahoo account with such a brilliant display of iPhone. Following are features which will be available in yahoo mobile for iphone :

IMAGES: aug21-yahoo-iphone.bmp

Yahoo! oneSearch in iPhone

The mobile search platform from oneSearch gets you the answers you need in just one tap on your iPhone.